About us

Kingsman Coffee Roastery was born through four friends with a vision to make a big difference in their city.
We focus on three main areas: Improving the appreciation of coffee in our city; improving the welfare of our city; and improving the relationships with our supply chain. 

The Coffee

To achieve this, we’ve intentionally designed an incredibly wide range of coffees that meet you where you’re at, and therefore can be enjoyed in numerous ways. It may be as a simple plunger in your home, as a flat white in your local coffee shop or even a complex pour over at a speciality brew bar.
We’d love to partner with you on your coffee journey, wherever you may be along the process. So feel free to reach out and tell us a bit of your coffee journey and where you want to go next. We know you will love what we have to offer. 

The People

This brand was started to benefit the people who need it most. For this reason Kingsman Coffee Roastery donates 100% of our profits to our chosen Non-Profits that look to enhance the quality of life and improve access to opportunities for those in less fortunate circumstances. 
We have carefully designed our business model to ensure that every one of our partners involved in the process gets paid exactly what they deserve along the way. After that we are free to donate all the proceeds to the people that really need it. 
We hope you are as excited by the potential of this model as we are. 

The Suppliers

We’ve learned that coffee requires great attention to detail, which is why we pay a lot of attention to our sourcing and roasting processes.
We’ve made it a priority, as much as is within our reach, to ethically source high-quality green coffee. This means that we are comfortable that the hard-working hands which are responsible for putting our coffee in your hands, will also profit fairly from your purchase.
This naturally does not happen overnight, but we are passionately pursuing this sometimes illusive, but certainly reachable, ideal.